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It May or May Not be Helpful To Know...

  • My name is Lori Bessette

  • I'm vegan ...so I  prefer appointments to be cruelty free.

  • I am not religious so feel free to share anything helpful where it pertains to the artwork we do

  • obsessed with astrology but I am not an astrologer

  • I take ongoing nutrition courses because I believe the body has the ability to heal itself in most cases

  • certified in reiki...just a fun fact

  • I have been doing henna since 2010

  • I teach henna classes, and will be teaching for The Henna Society for my  second year

  • I used to teach at-risk teens

  • I did henna for 97X Next Big Thing for 3 years

  • I did henna for 97X BYBBQ for 3 years

  • I did henna for VANS Warped tour 2 years

  • I did henna for Springfest 2 years

  • I did henna for 94.1 Wild Splash

  • I did henna for BULLS NIGHT USF 2 years

  • I prefer to do my own artwork and would rather not copy someone else's design ( you deserve an original!)

  • I am an unapologetic fan of 
    The Office and Frasier