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My henna is mixed in my kitchen using wildcrafted and organic ingredients (except the lemon juice....I use Real Lemon lemon juice,lol). The recipe changes up, so if you want to know what is in the most recent batch, subscribe to the email list and follow my instagram where I let you know in advance.
Sometimes I do cert org lavender cones too...this is what you need to use if you are doing henna for anyone immune-compromised,pregnant,or very young. If im mixing it, I will let you know on IG.
Im insured....so my henna is the safest possible...but you might still have a sensitivity to citrus or teatree, so please be mindful of the  ingredients.
LOCAL PICK UP ONLY - directions in the email or instagram post.

Gourmet natural henna cones - pick up only!

  • Henna is just like food....it should be refrigerated to keep staining.
    Please refrigerate or freeze your henna cones after purchase.
    Henna stays good in the fridge for about 1 week, and in the freezer for a few months. Try not to re-freeze the cones more than once or twice ,as it might change the consistency.