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henna feet Tampa

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This option is for working artists that are already familiar with my henna,so they already know they love it!

I love mixing henna....I have a cupboard full of organic and wildcrafted essential oils that terp henna well so that I get dark stains AND the  henna smells so good that you want to keep it on as long as you can!
Henna is mixed without sugar unless you request it due to the Florida humidity . Request at your own risk, I am happy to oblige.

If there is a recipe you love that I make, I will mix it to order when you order 25 or more cones.
This means no waiting for "mixing day", I am on it right NOW!

It takes 2 days to mix and cone because I test for perfect staining....so plan accordingly!
Read my Custom Cone policy first before ordering.
Thank you <3

Custom gourmet henna cones!

  • There are no returns on cone orders.
    What you order is made special for you,so I cannot cancel it once order is placed.
    You cannot apply your order to something different once order is made.
    If you are not sure if you like a mix you want to order,it is recommended that you follow me on instagram and wait until I am mixing that recipe so that you can purchase one cone to try first.
    Do not place a custom order on a recipe you do  not know if you like.
    Thank you <3