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Maybe your not even sure if you would enjoy it past the first 10 minutes of a henna cone in your hand. Maybe you already know you love the art, and would put in the practice. Either way, I learned from experience that a bad first time with henna can make you think its way too hard (its not!) or that your limited to the style taught. When I first started, I made my paste too thick. It took me 10 minutes to draw a turtle. To be honest, I drew a turtle because it was my partner's spirit animal and there was no one else in the house to do henna on. I had to push this heavy paste through a wonky home-made cone and my hand was efforting and awkward. After thinning my paste over time, my lines came out cleaner, my loops more consistent, henna was much less effort to execute. I needed practice. I requested it from my local community free of charge. After a few months it happened. I began to dread doing henna. Everyone wanted peace signs and trials of tattoo ideas. I thought, this is not what I thought doing henna was going to be like.....this is not at all fun. Its work. Like a JOB. So I stopped for a bit. I researched different cultures and why they did henna, I practiced new styles and began to love henna again....because now I had variety and context! No more "i saw this cool tribal-style tat on pinterest,can you copy it?" lol I determined who my desired audience was and learned to say no to stuff that wasnt my thing, but this is further than I intended to go on this topic.

My point being is that if you start with a broad perspective and practice with homemade natural henna paste that is easy to work with, you will avoid giving up before you get a real chance.... and henna can be a great outlet for creativity even if you have zero desire to do it for anyone else. Henna should ALWAYS be home made and natural! Internet henna cones, henna cones from store shelves are dangerous. They are imported from places that do not have strict standards for what goes on the skin...and the most common chemical ingredient added to instant henna is PPD,which is soon to be outlawed in the states for its carcinogenic properties. Yes, it can cause cancer over time. PPD can cause kidney and liver disease and failure. It can cause life threatening allergic reactions even if you have used it 100 times before! Research. This is a fact. Chemical henna cones (they claim to be natural but natural henna MUST be refrigerated) often have a gel-like or clumpy they are challenging to use. They take getting used to, so that can turn people off of practicing henna. Not sure if the henna someone sold you is natural? Ask yourself these questions: Is the smell offensive? Does it stain instantly? Does it require you wash it off with water after an hour? Is the color black? blue? purplish? pinkish red? gel-like? Does it look like natural henna but stains evenly everywhere on the body? Was it shipped without ice? Was it found room temperature on a store shelf?

dangerous chemical henna

A yes to even ONE of these questions means you should return the item. Natural henna is like food, it must stay cold to stain, and loses the ability to stain after 1-2 weeks in the fridge. It smells good, like lavender or teatree. It needs to be worn for hours to stain well, and you never use water to wash it off! It starts orange and gets dark over 2-3 days, never instant! Now that the right start has been mapped out, consider attending my monthly "I wanna try henna!" experience held at both Starbucks on Collier pkwy and strd 54, or World of beer on Fowler. I announce these dates on both instagram and facebook. ALL AGES, ALL GENDERS, ANY REASONS! Dont live in Florida? no problem, online learning is available coming in the next month!!!! Keep subscribed to find out more. Still have questions about henna? Contact me on instagram, my webpage, facebook, any social media. Text! I happy to help anyone wanting to learn!

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