Going from "I think I want henna" to Fly AF

Instagram has a billion henna pics. Pinterest has a billion henna pics. Indian style henna, Arabic style.....more specifically,Persian Gulf. Moroccan fusions. Contemporary Art Decco style henna. Our preferences for style changes when we experiment by letting the artist do what they want .....and we surprise ourselves when we have a strong reaction to it..... but there is always a go-to for you, if you are most people.

So this is my question to you (and its important. To me.) : What is your favorite style, and why? Do you like dense intricate patterns? details, or strips that go from wrist to index finger? Then you prefer a mostly Indian style henna design. Do you like flowers,leaves? A bold design that is very organic looking,maybe with beads or rings? Then you prefer a more Arabic or Persian Gulf look. Maybe you prefer jewelry style, or mandalas. Boho rings,moons and stars, arches. Do you feel better wearing light,dainty henna or bold go-big-or-go-home henna? Talk to me. Leave me your preferences, as if money were no object. Tell me what you like, and how it makes you feel to wear it. Your opinions shape how I plan events and specials, how my art expression evolves. #hennastyles #hennadesigns #bodyart #hennatattoo #mehndi

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