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I want to share henna information, and I want to expand Stained to involve others. To do this I was forced to upgrade programs that are no longer supported, this resulted in Stained getting a new outfit! (Does this website make Stained's butt look big?) The Focus When I started doing henna in 2010, I was already in a caregiver role. I took care of my grandmother until she passed, and I now have my grand baby living with me. My mom was recently in the hospital and I realized that I had to change how I respond to crisis so that I can continue to support family and friends. Energy resources are maintained with the correct balance of life-drama and artistic-outlet ...... my artist friends know this. Balancing is quite an act. I will be putting myself out there more, trying to have more fun with it. I guess this was your warning.... I will try not to be annoying. I feel like the kid that broke their leg during last summer vacation, and now im determined to squeeze in extra adventures to make up for lost time.

Cinnamon coffee and rockstar henna stain. Good to go.

Making The Effort !

Other than making time to grow my business, I have to re-arrange my priority list to make it financially self-perpetuating.

I will be creating more henna ebooks and offering them on this site, and I will be making a YouTube channel soon to share henna design vids.

The products-list here on the Stained site will grow to include art, henna supplies like henna powder and cones (pick-up only for now), and there are services that have yet to be announced. I already offer local classes for people new to henna and aspiring henna artists ... but now if you subscribe to my email, you will know when they are happening without having to be on social media to see. This is located at the bottom of every page on this site. OK Here It Goes- Help?

Its hard for me to ask for help, but im not sure how to move forward without it. If I ever post something (here,there,anywhere) that is glitching, have pages that wont load, use apps that arent working.....please shoot me an email and let me know. There is a learning curve with new programs when you havent transitioned fluently right along with everyone else. Im open to hearing that something isnt working and I should replace it or fix it. Okay, off to add more to the site. Wish me luck ;) -Lor

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