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Mehndi For Fun and Formal Occasions

No upcoming events at the moment
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Stained is proceeding with caution.

I am taking appointments provided you wear a mask, and I will be using hand sanitizer before every henna.

Henna appointments are done in a semi-outdoor studio off strd 54

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The Answers You Need
For The Questions You Should Be Asking

what is in your henna?

If your not asking this question of every henna artist you see, you could be in for an unpleasant experience.
My henna is made in my kitchen using:
powdered henna leaves,lemon juice
lavender and cajaput essential oils
frankincense and geranium oils
sometimes food-flavorings.
Most artists in Florida use "ready cones" which are store-bought imported chemical filled cones. If the henna was not made by the artist, its potentially dangerous.

How do I care for my new henna design?

Let your henna dry,which can take 5-25 minutes depending on the humidity.
Wear your henna as long as you can! One hour is ok,but 4 hours is optimal.
Scrape off henna outdoors away from pets,do not wash off henna! Water inhibits the darkening process,so keep stain dry as long as your able.
Your new stain will be orange and light, and could take up to 3 days to get dark. This is natural!

Where do I get my henna done?
How do I get an appointment?

Text me on any day, any time...I respond as soon I am able.

Appointments made for between 10am and 7pm
As of September, I take all appointments at my patio studio in Land O Lakes near strd 54, semi-outdoors because that is what is considered safest during the pandemic. Masks required.

I will accept some parties this year , provided we are strict with mask-wearing and it meets the 2 hour minimum.
Hourly rate of 125/hr applies outside of Land O Lakes, Lutz, or Wesley Chapel. Please text with questions, happy to answer!

Do you offer classes?

Maybe .
If you are subscribed to emails and follow my instagram, you will receive announcements of what I am teaching and when and where I will be. If you are interested in a private class with a few friends,we can arrange that too!
Request a small class and we can have it in the patio studio for 3 to 5 people to be safe.


(813) 325-1351


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